Emily Belle Freeman


Emily Belle Freeman

I wonder if you are having one of my favorite moments right now? You know, the  moments where you sit still for five minutes (just pretend it's five minutes)  to take a break, and fill your bucket, and breathe?

If this is one of those moments, then thank you for letting me be a part of your sitting still.  I wish we were sitting still on my front porch drinking homemade lemonade, and talking...

Since you have arrived at this page then perhaps you would like to know a little more about me.

One day I decided to begin a blog.  It is something I never have done before.  For two months I sat patient, waiting for inspiration to come to my heart.  I did not want to write a blog about me.  There is nothing amazing about my life, it is filled with laundry, and dishes in the sink, and following behind the busyness  ––hanging the backpacks in the kitchen, putting the shoes in the closet, starting the dinner.  You know.  You know.

In the quiet moments it became clear...my heart wanted to write a blog about Him.  The One who brings the miracles in the ordinary moments.  The tender behind the mercy.  The unconditional behind the love.  The height, breadth, and depth behind the understanding.  I wanted to write a witness of the hand of the Lord each day in my life.  The strength beyond my own.

In the inmost part of my heart that is the blog I hope this will be.  So, I place that heartfelt desire into the hands of the Lord and simply pray that I might be the writing instrument that will allow His words to fill these pages.

If you are in the middle moments of a long or difficult journey, if you are tired and in need of a rest, if you just want to laugh a little and cry a little, if you are yearning for something more, if you are in deep trouble and you are looking for courage, or if your heart is weary or despairing and you are looking for strength to go on, then you have come to the right place.

Hopefully this simple blog is just what you need.  Within the words we will find courage and strength and joy.

Both of us.

Through Him.