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2014 A Yearlong Journey: Embrace the Gift

It is 2014. What is it about a new year that pushes your heart into reflection?  The same questions fill the first week of every year for me and I find myself pondering.  Where I am.  Where I need to be.  What do I need to accomplish in 2014?

What is it that my heart needs this year?

I have spent this week searching.  Some suggest you should find one word to define your year.  I mulled it over for a few days...but I know my heart.  And one word just isn't enough to mold my heart.  I have one of those hearts that needs to experience...to feel, to apply, to be stretched a little bit further every single day.

I know this about myself.  I need an experience.  A journey.

And my family needs that to.  Something that will move us from where we are to where we need to be.

But where is it that we need to be 360 days from now?

The reflection leads me to realize just how many places we are lacking in right now.  But which one is the most important to focus on for a whole year?

I think about important things.

In the stillness of the night it comes.  After the rush of the day is over, and the constant cacophony has stilled, my heart settles into the peace of meditation.  I am reminded of Greg's great-great-grandmother.

She kept a journal.

It was filled with experiences ––page after page contained her testimony of one abiding principle.  At the end of that handwritten book of testimony is one simple line that defined the meaning of life for her.  One sentence written in her careful script...

"To my children and grandchildren:  Learn to listen to the whisperings of the Spirit."

It was the most important thing she had to say.  The last words of her testimony.

The most important thing.

My heart burns with the fire of realization.  I need that.  My family needs that.  To be led by the Spirit, to learn to listen to the whisperings, every single day.

In the stillness this year's experience begins to unfold.

It has to be something that will make a difference, leave an impression on the heart, move us closer to the place we need to be.

Through the unfolding 21 lessons spill out.  The learnings of how to listen to the whisperings.  The beginning of the journey for this year.

And with each lesson, a quote and a scripture and an experience.

I see the weeks laid out ahead.  A journey to be taken.  An experience for the heart.

The year 2014 found it's theme: Embrace the Gift.

What if we learned how to listen? What if we could better understand how the Spirit works in us? What if we became His instrument because we truly understood what it meant to live in tune?

That's what I want this year.  For me.  For those I love.

We need to hear the whisper in the world. We need the comfort amidst the cacophony. We need to Embrace the Gift.

So here it is.  The plan.

We will learn what it means to truly embrace the gift, to hear the whispering, to understand more about the Holy Ghost.

We will start with 21 lessons (found within the subway art below).  One a week from now until Memorial Day ––we will learn what it is to listen to the whisperings.  That will encompass the beginning of the journey.  For the last half of the year we will learn what it is to live in tune so we can act as His instrument.  More on that part of the journey in June.  As part of the journey we will post one quote and one scripture for each lesson.  Maybe you can hang them up somewhere in your home, in a place where you can frequently see them...the refrigerator, your mirror, on the front hall table...

Perhaps you will memorize them. Commit them to heart. Allow them to become part of you.

By the end of the year we will have come to understand the holy, listen to the whisperings, embrace the gift in a way we haven't before.

Here are the Details:

1.  Every Monday we will post the lesson to ponder for that week. 2.  Every Tuesday we will post a quote for you to download and hang somewhere in your home. 3.  Every Wednesday we will blog about how the lesson is becoming a part of our heart. 4.  Every Thursday we will post a scripture for you to download and hang somewhere in your home. 5.  Every Friday we will post several suggestions for experiencing the lesson over the weekend.

Welcome 2014!  This is the year to Embrace the Gift.

You'll find the 21 lessons in the Subway art below...

Embrace the Gift

Tomorrow we will start with lesson number one ––

Is there someone you think would like to join us?

Invite them to come along!

It's going to be a good year.


An experience.

For the heart.

 ...To print a copy of the 21 lessons subway art click here...

(I have updated the links and they should work for printing now!!)








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