Emily Belle Freeman



24 Days Closer to CHRISTmas: An Advent

On Wednesdays, the six of us gather together to talk about scripture.  We all come from different faith backgrounds, but we have one thing in common ––we love Jesus.


Last month we studied Ruth.

This month we wanted to choose a study that would help prepare our hearts for Christmas.

But let's be honest here.  We all have kids, laundry, and people who want to eat three meals a day.  Plus the Christmas shopping, decorating and gift wrapping.  Also, all of the projects we are involved in, the to do lists, and the never ending straightening of the house.  

Just like you, when someone says, "Christmas," we all think about the hustle and bustle of the season.

And, yet, there is part of us that longs for the stillness and holiness of that first Christmas night.

The peace.

The hope.


We wanted to make room for that in this seasons celebration.  And we wanted to be realistic about it.  So, instead of a study we decided to do an advent.  24 days filled with 24 names of Jesus Christ.

Each day we will turn one card over to discover a name of Jesus.  We will read the verse on the bottom of the card and then, we will ponder three simple questions:

1.  Is there another scriptural account that is an example of this name?

2.  Have you experienced this name of Christ in your own life?

3.  How does this name strengthen your understanding of Jesus Christ?

Every day.  Until Christmas.


And maybe, for a few moments each day we will be surrounded with stillness, holiness, peace, and hope.

Each Wednesday morning we will meet together for Bible study to discuss seven of the names, and what we are learning.

We would love to invite you to study with us!

Download your 24 DAYS CLOSER TO CHRISTmas here.

Then join us on Wednesday morning at 10:00am MST on our Multiply Goodness Facebook Page or Instagram Live @multiplygoodness.  

We hope this Christmas will be one of your fondest!



Emily Freeman