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24 Days of Giving

We have been brainstorming. For three days.

Bouncing around an idea for December.

It all started because of this...

My daughter Meg really wants to go somewhere in the world over Christmas and build an orphanage, or a water system, or a schoolhouse.  But when you have two missionaries out you can't afford things like that.  Well, at our house you can't.  But I love that her heart feels that pull.  And I don't want to ignore her prompting to give in a way that requires sacrifice and love.

So one afternoon I asked her what she thought about serving right here.

In Utah.

In our community.

No one is building an orphanage, or a water system, and the schools that are being built haven't asked for her assistance, but there are places she can give...time she can sacrifice...love she can offer.

So we started out with a quote from Howard W. Hunter that lists some of the ways you can give at Christmastime.  And then we added some ideas of our own.

My girls voted that we would go without stockings this year, instead we are going to use the money we usually give to Santa for the stocking gifts to pay for this new tradition.

We finalized all the details tonight.

Perhaps you would like to join us?

The tradition will require 24 containers, odds and ends from the store, some dollar bills, and a few minutes every day set aside for sacrifice and love.  On Monday we will explain the idea in detail...so you will have plenty of time to prepare if you would like to be a part of this journey.

24 days of giving.

Starting December 1.

Consider this your invitation!!

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Emily Freeman