Emily Belle Freeman



24 Days of Giving - 2014


Last year my daughter Meg really wanted to go somewhere in the world over Christmas and build an orphanage, or a water system, or a schoolhouse.  But it wasn’t a year where we could afford something like that.  Loving that her heart felt that pull and not wanting to ignore her prompting to give in a way that requires sacrifice and love, I asked her what she thought about doing something for someone in need right here.

In our community.

No one was building an orphanage, or a water system, and the schools that were currently being built hadn’t asked for her assistance, but there were places she could give…time she could sacrifice…love she could offer.

So we started trying to think of some of the simple ways we could give right here in our community.  The conversation went something like this…

“I want to take donuts to the fire station.”

“We should put a happy note on someone’s car.”

“Can we give an anonymous gift to someone in need?  Because a boy in my class is in need of a new pair of shoes.”

“Ya, I saw that boy…he really does need a new pair of shoes.”

“Should we seek an errand from the Lord?”

“Give a compliment.”

It wasn’t long before we had 24 days worth of giving our hearts, hand written in ink on a white piece of paper…

…one act of service for every day through December 24.

It was an amazing experience. In fact, we loved this project so much last year we are doing it again!! And we want you to join us.

There are a couple ways you can participate.

First, we are putting the 24 Days of Giving on Instagram. (#24DaysofGiving) Each day we will post a new invitation. It will pop up first thing in the morning. If you want to join that day’s challenge we are going to invite you to “click to commit.” Fun! Once you have double clicked the invitation for that day you have 24 hours to follow through. When you’ve completed your invitation, we’d also love for you to come back to the post on Instagram and share a little bit about your experience.

In order to make the challenge easier to accomplish, in our home we have hung a garland of numbered bags…1 through 24. This week we are filling the bags with the invitation cards (the ones that will pop up on Instagram each morning) and also with the supplies we will need for each of the 24 days.


So that you can prepare along with us, we’ve made the 24 invitations available for you to print at home right now. For a printable link to the 24 Days of Giving invitations click here.


Each day’s invitation will be simple ––not meant to overwhelm.  We don’t want to add more to an already crowded holiday…but sometimes the most simple of gifts can be the means of lifting a heart, bringing a smile, filling a soul with joy.

In our family, each morning beginning on December 1, we will check Instagram and then open a bag.  Each bag will contain whatever might be needed to accomplish that task for that day.

Each day will be filled with giving.

Perhaps you would like to join us?

Here is what you will need to do:

Follow us on Instagram: @multiplygoodness (Multiply Goodness is our sister blog, and it is another place where we will be hosting 24 days.)

Make a garland with 24 bags.  You might consider using small manilla envelopes hooked on with clothespins, or you could use a line of jute with different sizes and colors of children’s Christmas socks clipped on with clothespins.  Really any type of container will work…you just need 24 of them.

Click here to find a printable link to the 24 invitation cards.

Gather your supplies at the grocery store…and set aside some dollar bills.

Then fill your containers, pockets, envelopes, socks, or whatever you decided to use with everything you will need for each day.  You can put the cards in any order you want…according to your calendar and your needs, or you can put the cards in the order they printed out, which is how they will show up on Instagram.

You have this whole week to prepare.  We will leave this blog post up through Thanksgiving weekend so that the instructions will be easily accessible.

Brother Butler and I and some of our friends will be completing the 24 Days of Giving right along with you. Follow along with us as we begin blogging about 24 Days of Giving on December 1 and continue each day through the whole month of December.

Consider this your invitation!!

And maybe you could pass this post along to anyone you think would want to join us in Multiplying Goodness through the whole month of December.

Let the 24 Days of Giving begin!

Emily Freeman