Emily Belle Freeman



The Lord Did Not Fail Him

Summer of Many MerciesAlma 2:16 - Alma 5:4

When was the last time you took a minute to think about your best friend?

Who is it, I wonder?

And how did they become so important in your life that they earned the title of best?

We spoke of that today...just a handful of girls gathered together sharing stories about friendship.

I couldn't help but remember an experience I had when I was about their age.  A senior in high school.  We had just moved to California...only lived there for a few weeks.

It was the fifth Sunday of the first month we lived there.  My dad had been called as the mission president.  We had just finished Sunday dinner.

The door opened without a knock and in walked a group of high school kids.  They made themselves at home right there in the family room while we watched with wide eyes from the kitchen.  A few minutes later the door opened again, bringing more teenagers.

My dad called the missionaries to find out what was going on.  Turns out the teenagers hold a spontaneous testimony meeting on the fifth Sunday at the mission home.  It was the fifth Sunday, and we were about to experience a testimony meeting unlike any I had been to before.

No leaders came.

Just youth.

From several different cities.

Gathered there to stand as a witness of what they believed.

It was powerful.

I won't forget that night for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that I saw a young girl, just my age, stand up and bear the purest testimony of Jesus Christ that I had ever heard.

When she sat down I knew she was a friend to the Savior.

I wanted a testimony like that.

Marion D. Hanks once said that his strongest desire was to qualify to be a friend of Christ.  It was the deepest yearning of his heart.

I want to be a friend of Christ.

Today we talked about what makes a good friend.  We listed attributes on the board.  I looked at the list and realized that each word we listed was an attribute of Christ.

I found myself asking the same question I asked years ago in the mission home, "Where are you at in your relationship with Jesus Christ?  Where would you like to be?"

Two questions worth pondering...

I loved reading the words of Alma today.  One line in particular stood out to me, "nevertheless the Spirit of the Lord did not fail him."  (Alma 4:15)

I know the truth of that verse.

And I am so grateful for the testimony I have of that truth.

Before we finished talking today I pulled out the list I have been keeping from our tender mercy journey...the list of the attributes of the Lord.

We talked about how Christ's love never fails.  His tenderness.  His watchcare.

Then we each studied the list silently.

What is it we need most from the Savior right now?

Each one.


The Lord will not fail us.

This, I know.