Emily Belle Freeman



Seek This Jesus

Summer of Many Mercies

Ether 10- Ether 13

"I have seen Jesus...

he hath talked with me face to face...

he told me...concerning these things..."

Ether 12:39

I love the testimony of Moroni that we read in Ether 12.  He saw Jesus.  He talked with Him face to face.  The Lord told him concerning the things his heart carried.

I believe the same is true of us.

When our heart carries heavy burdens we can turn to the Lord.  In those moments when we need Him most we will come to know Him best.  Just like Moroni did.

In those moments we must follow the counsel Moroni gave, "Seek this Jesus."

This summer a dear friend of ours faced a huge battle.  She is an enthusiastic teenager, who loves life just like every other teenager you know...but this darling girl has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

For twelve weeks Izzy and her mom moved far away from home to live in a tiny apartment while she had radiation therapy in a hospital that specializes in that treatment.

It must have been hard.

Leaving behind family.


To live in a strange apartment in a place where nothing is familiar.  To visit a hospital every day.  To feel worse in the hopes of getting better.

The girls I went to girl's camp with wanted to do something for Izzy.

We thought about what would give her the most strength and courage.  What would help her to be brave.

What would bring her hope.

We decided the most important thing we could help her do was to "seek this Jesus."

So we spent the afternoon creating quotes that she could hang up all over her apartment...


I read through them before we sent them off.  Immediately my heart filled with courage and hope.

I thought maybe you would like to read them today.

Maybe you know someone who could use an uplift.  Perhaps you could help them to "seek this Jesus" today.

Send them a quote.

Or a scripture.

Maybe it will lift their heart to know He can help them concerning these things.