Emily Belle Freeman




Our Bishop called for a special ward fast this Sunday. The fast is to help strengthen our youth.

He asked us to have a family home evening that would talk about ways we could fortify our homes and our youth.  I have been thinking about that counsel all day.

This morning we had seminary.  The video we watched had a reminder from Elder Packer that we are raising the youth today in enemy territory.  He promised the youth that if they would listen to the Holy Ghost they would be protected.

As I thought about what it meant to grow up in enemy territory, I remembered Moroni.

Remember, in Alma 50, when he fortifies the land against the dangers?

The timbers and fences and watchtowers?

Tonight we talked about that in family home evening.

Greg drew the picture of Moroni's fortifications as we each picked out descriptions from the first few verses.  (Let's keep it a secret that I posted his artwork here on the blog...) After he was done drawing we talked about what our fortifications might look like today.


We listed five things on the top of the paper...prophet, things that protect and strengthen our home like scriptures and appropriate movies and music, listen to Spirit, and prayer.

One of Meg's friends stopped by to visit just in time for FHE.  He decided to stay.  He is just coming back to church, and his heart is filled with questions prompted from sincere desire.

He turned to Greg and asked, "What does that mean exactly?  Listen to the Spirit.  What is that like?"

The question was so innocent and yet so profound.  He really wanted an answer.  So each of us went around and explained how the Spirit spoke to us.  Some by thought, others by feel.  "Is that how it is?"  He asked... "Different for everyone?  Do you get better at recognizing it?"

His questions made me ponder my relationship with the Holy Ghost.

I was reminded of Elder Packer's promise, that the Spirit would protect our youth.

It would become part of their fortification.

What has the Holy Ghost been prompting you to do lately?