Emily Belle Freeman



What Is Lost

I am someone who loves beautiful artwork...of any kind. I can happily become lost in an art museum for hours.

It's not my opportunity to do that regularly...but sometimes I get the chance.

Today I was waiting for a friend.  I arrived to where we were meeting early and had some time to spare.  I was at a downtown mall with many places to browse through and I was happy to have a few spare minutes for window shopping.  Then I remembered that the store on the corner had a beautiful art display.  So I stepped inside.

It didn't take long before I was lost in thought...deep thoughts...

Each painting evoked emotion.  Memories.  Reflection.

Each canvas caused introspection.

I wish you had been there...to see the mother holding her starving son on her lap with a handful of flour and a small stack of sticks...and the woman holding a house in her hands...and the two small children making chapels with their chubby little fingers.

They were beautiful, and thought provoking, but they weren't my favorite.

Today my favorite was this one:

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 4.34.45 PM

It is entitled She Will Find What Is Lost, by Brian Kershisnik.

I wonder what memory or experience this painting evokes in you?

Perhaps you are thinking of a lost ring, or a purse, or maybe even a set of keys...that is me most days.

But not today.

Today I wondered if it was a child.

Her child.



And I thought of the mothers everywhere who are praying for a son or a daughter who is struggling right now.  And I wonder if that mother knows that Heaven is there with her?

That just there, on the other side of the veil, loved ones are helping.  Looking desperately for answers.  Reaching to offer comfort.  Just as consumed with the finding as she is.

Does she feel their strength in those moments when it seems all is lost?  Does she hear whispers of guidance when she wonders where to turn next?  Does she feel the support of generations of mothers who are there to offer more when she questions if what she has to offer is enough?

Because finding the lost can be exhausting.  Fraught with complication.  And some days find you with a heart broken, and tears spilling over, and soul poured out.

If you are that mother remember this...

You are not alone.

Heaven's Help will attend you as you seek to find the lost one.

And Heaven never sleeps.

In both your day lit and your darkest hours they will attend you...on your right hand and on your left...round about you...to lift you up.

Because your work is urgent.

And Heaven's attention will be constant.

Until you have found what is lost.

No matter how long it takes.

I believe that.

Really, I do.