Emily Belle Freeman



A Christ Centered Easter


We woke up to gray drizzle.

That gloomy damp that seeps right into your soul.

I'm not in the mood for it today.

So first thing I go down to the holiday room.  The one where we keep all of the decorations boxed up tight.  I pull out the one that says Easter and I open the lid and Spring falls right out onto the kitchen counter in soft pastels and polka dots and my heart smiles.


I decided in January that this year Easter was going to be different.

This year I want to prepare my heart long before the weekend of Easter, weeks in advance, the same way I prepare my heart for Christmas.

This year I want to fill my heart with the stories of the people closest to the Savior.  The people who had personal experiences with Him in the last weeks of His life on Earth.  I want to learn what they have to teach me, and through their stories I hope to create personal experiences of my own.

This year I want to fill my home with decorations that testify of Jesus.  I long for decorations that bring hope, not frivolity.  I want to replace the prominence of the rabbit with the promise of the Resurrection. I want to remember the true meaning of Easter.


This year I want to grow in testimony, be filled with hope, rejoice in Jesus Christ.

Perhaps you would like to join me?

We will be celebrating each of the people and their stories each week here on the blog.

But for a more detailed description of each person and their story and tradition you might want to pick up a copy of this book.  You can find it here.

Today Grace and I will hang this banner as a reminder of each of the people we want to learn from.  If you would like one you can find the banner here.


Already I feel my heart preparing.  I feel hope in the midst of this dreary gloom.

Easter is approaching bringing with it hope and promise in all its glory.

Yes, I can already feel it ––things are going to be different.

Easter is going to be different.

This year.

EasterEmily Freeman