Emily Belle Freeman



A Deliberate Weekend

Today calls for an invitation. It is the beginning of the weekend.

I love weekends most because you never know what might happen in the next three days.  You might go out somewhere to dinner.  You will spend a little more time with those you love the most.  You could, perhaps, sleep in.  Weekends for me are much less about a schedule, and much more about spontaneity.

Oh, I love the weekends.

Friday morning brings a sense of anticipation as my heart looks forward to the moments ahead ...because around here weekends are filled with creating memories.  With living out loud.

Truly living.

So I've been wondering...what would happen if we devoted our weekends to living deliberately one lesson we have learned during the week on the blog?

Monday through Thursday we will study, and learn, and ponder, and come to understand.

Then, on the weekends we could live what we have learned...


The way of a disciple.

Because learning is good, but it is better if it allows you to become something different then who you were before the learning.

So this is the invitation...

This week we have learned about teaching the gospel in the Savior's way.

We spoke of potter's, and precious nuggets, and silly games, and moments that leave an impression on the heart.

We studied about scriptures, learned about questions, pondered about real life examples, and came to understand the importance of bearing testimony.

I wonder, how many of us will have an opportunity to teach someone this weekend?

Will you take a message to someone's home? Will you prepare something for a Sunday lesson? Have you started making plans for FHE?

Could you try adding one of the examples of the Savior's teaching into your lesson plans this weekend?

Because living deliberately is much more than just taking in knowledge.  It is sharing that knowledge in a way that will bless others.

I invite you to live this weekend deliberately by finding one way to teach after the example of the Savior.

Already I feel the anticipation building... you never know what might happen in the next three days.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

~ Anaïs Nin