Emily Belle Freeman



A Divine Errand

Have you ever had a moment when it felt your heart was ready to burst? A moment when your poured out your soul in prayer?

This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit the beach.  As we walked down the sandy shore with waves crashing and the tide sweeping over our bare toes I was reminded of a talk from conference.

Do you remember the young mother who walked along the beautiful, empty beach with her heart ready to burst?

In that moment she prayed aloud.  But instead of asking for what her heart yearned for, she asked for a divine errand from the Lord.

"Heavenly Father," she cried, "I will give you all of my time; please show me how to fill it."

As we walked this humble woman filled my thoughts...  what courage she had, to offer herself completely to the Lord.

Elder Eyring tells us that this conversation with the Lord brought an unexpected feeling of peace and calmed her heart.

Have you ever taken the opportunity to ask for a divine errand from the Lord?

How different would our lives look if we were to give Him all of our time and allow Him to fill it?

I wonder if we would discover miracles in the midst of the mundane?

Would we discover unexpected peace and calm?

As I sat on the beach, I followed this mother's example and offered a silent prayer.

Now I am home in Utah.

There is no soft sand here, warm sunshine, or soothing waves.

But I can lace up my shoes, put on a warm jacket, and walk.

I can ask for the Lord to fill up my time.

Elder Eyring counseled, "Submitting fully to heaven's will, as this young mother did, is essential...but it does not guarantee immediate answers to our prayers."

I am led to understand that it might require more than one walk, on more than one day.  It might take weeks or even years of submitting this heart and allowing the Lord to fill my time.  But I am reminded of a favorite line from a familiar hymn, "My noonday walks He will attend..." (The Lord My Pasture Will Prepare, 109)

I know the moments I spend with Him in prayer will become precious, I am already looking forward to those walks.

My heart longs for the peace and calm Elder Eyring described, and the thought of a divine errand brings feelings of anticipation.

What would the Lord have me do right now?

I think of my role as a mother, spouse, visiting teacher and I wonder how the Lord will fill my hours.  Am I humble enough to submit?  Will I hear the direction He sends?

It takes courage to offer yourself completely to the Lord.

But His path leads to peace.

"That prayer produced an unexpected feeling of peace.  It did not satisfy her mind's craving for certainty, but for the first time in years, it calmed her heart."  (Henry B. Eyring, Where is the Pavillion?)

Deliberate Discipleship?

What is your divine errand from the Lord?  How could you discover it?  Is there a quiet place you could go to pray?  Could you ask the Lord to fill your time?