Emily Belle Freeman



A Good Day

Esther 8:9 - Job 5:17

In the book of Esther, after everything had finally calmed down, the Jews celebrated.

Their enemies had been slain, Haman and his ten sons had been killed, and throughout the land the Jews gathered to rejoice in their deliverance and victory.

I love the description of this event found in chapter 9, verse 19.  It was described as “a day of gladness…and a good day.”

Have you ever had one of those days?

A day of gladness and a good day.

Take a second to think about some of your best days.

Were they days of gladness?

Looking back would you list them as good days?

Have you ever noticed that what makes some of the best days is when we choose to remember the good part of that day?

Just like this memory from Disneyland.

When I look back at that experience I don’t remember the crowds.  I don’t remember the tantrum or the tears that preceded this photo.  I don’t even remember how tired we were as we tried to gather everyone together to leave the park.

I remember this.

I can’t help it.  It is the image that fills my mind every time I remember that trip.

It was one of the really good parts, and just the thought of it sums up what I remember about that day.

That one moment helped to make it a day of gladness and a good day.

…because I laughed, and I loved that little guy just a little bit more than I had when we started out, and I thought to myself ––everyone should have a lollipop like that.

If we want to experience days of gladness and good days we must choose to focus on the good parts of those days.

The scriptures teach this.

It is spoken of first in Luke, in a scripture that is familiar to all of us, “and Mary hath chosen that good part.” (Luke 10:42)  It is referenced again when Lehi, who is at the end of his life, says, “I have spoken these few words unto you all, my sons, in the last days of my probation; and I have chosen the good part.” (2 Nephi 2:30)

The good part was something they chose.

I believe that we, too, can choose the good part every single day.

The choice is a powerful one and has the power to change our life ––for good.

Perhaps at the end of each day, you could go over the moments and memories you have experienced and you could choose to remember the good parts.

As you gather those memories maybe you could take a moment to rejoice in them.

Then your life will be full to overflowing with days of gladness and good days.

Emily Freeman