Emily Belle Freeman



A Living Witness

Come, Follow Me

I attended Women's Conference on Friday.  One of the classes really stood out to me.  It was a class on how to be a better teacher with the Come, Follow Me curriculum.

I took a page of notes and after the class was over I read through them again and noticed that everything I wrote down had to do with the same principle.

Here is what I wrote:

Personal preparation from the teacher is essential.

You must be a living witness of this principle.

You must be able to say, "I've tried this in my life."

Through study, you must come to an understanding of what the prophets have said, then live this principle.

This curriculum is more about teacher prep than lesson prep.

Do you see the overriding theme there?  Before we can teach the principle we must learn to live the principle until it becomes who we are.

This month we are studying prophets and revelation.

This week I want to learn more about revelation.  So I have spent some time pondering the five principles above.  I have decided my personal preparation will start by researching it in the scriptures. Today I read about revelation in the Bible Dictionary.  It was amazing.

"Divine revelation is one of the grandest concepts and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

"Continuous revelation from God to his saints, through the Holy Ghost...makes possible daily guidance along true paths..."

"The Holy ghost is a revelator," said Joseph Smith, and "no man can receive the Holy Ghost without receiving revelations."

After I was done reading I started a list of the things in my life I am having a hard time figuring out on my own.  Things I need Heaven's Help with.  Decisions that will require guidance and direction.  Questions that I cannot answer on my own.

There are nine items on my list.

I really need some help with those nine things.

So I am going to apply what I am learning this week.

I am going to try to live the principle at a higher level than I have before.

I want to prepare myself.

Until I become a living witness of revelation.

And through the process I will watch for answers, for Heaven's Help, for direction...

for revelation.

Deliberate Discipleship:

What do you know about revelation?  How could you become a living witness of that principle?  If you are looking for some help with your personal study you could refer to this page:  Prophets and Revelation