Emily Belle Freeman



A Loaf of Bread


A week of celebrating General Conference began for me last night.

It started with the gathering of women all over the world for words of inspiration from the leaders of our own women's organization, and then from the Prophet of the Lord.

Maybe you were there, or watched it on TV, or perhaps you will set aside some time this week to read the transcripts.

There was something about this Relief Society broadcast.  My heart was lifted.  And so were the hearts of everyone I talked to today.  The meeting was powerful in that regard.

Today I wanted to write some of the parts I loved the most.  If you happened to write some notes that stood out to you add them in the comments section below!!  One of my most favorite parts about Conference is hearing what other people loved.

Sister Burton counseled us to ask other sisters to fast with us to help bear our burdens.  I loved her counsel about a covenant...when made, engrave it upon your heart.  The advice to mothers...prepare and expect then show by example.

Another favorite was Sister Stephens story about the hike...and the beauties she would have missed along the way if she had just been hiking for the peak.  I needed to be reminded to act on promptings.  That covenant daughters are instruments in His hands.  And this quote might have been my very favorite quote of the whole night, "What are we doing to win back those who have left?"

I loved the imagery of the nearly destroyed tabernacle becoming a temple, and the testimony of Sister Reeves that Christ won't leave us in the ashes.  She reminded us why we must rely on the power of the atonement and our covenants.  I was intrigued when she told us we needed to go to the temple and listen more closely.

President Monson's talk was just what I needed to hear in so many ways.  I loved when he said, "I plead with you to remember prayer."

He reminded us of the words of Paul, "Let your request be known unto God."

Then he told us about a loaf of bread. The story is one I won't forget.  If you haven't heard it yet, you need to.

The thought that has stayed in my heart and lifted my soul all day today is the twelve words he said at the very end of his talk. A prayer for the women of the Church from a Prophet of the Lord... "That you may be blessed with every good gift is my prayer."

Oh, I love that man.

This week is a time of readying...

Preparing hearts. Becoming in tune. Qualifying for the Spirit in great abundance.

This weekend we will be taught from on high.  We will be given words from the Lord through His prophets and apostles.  Hearts will be lifted.  Answers will come.  Direction will be given.