Emily Belle Freeman



A Month of Many Mercies

It's summer. And summer makes me think we need a walk, and a challenge.

It is the tradition of this blog.

So Brother Butler and I started brainstorming, and Megan and Grace chimed in, and my mom, and the ladies I walk with.  And it all led to a really fun idea.

Every time I start reading the first chapter of the Book of Mormon one verse stands out to me.

No, it isn’t the first verse ––although that is a good one.

It is the last verse of the chapter when Nephi writes, “I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen…”  (1 Nephi 1:20)

A promise from a prophet of the Lord contained right there in the first chapter of the Book of Mormon.

I have always wanted to experience that promise.


We have decided to devote the whole month of June to learning more about the tender mercies of the Lord, and we have invited all of our friends at Time Out For Women to join us!

We are calling it a Month of Many Mercies.

Perhaps you would like to join us?

It’s a simple challenge.  It only has two parts…

In keeping with the theme of summer, which is no homework and no schedule…at least that’s what my girls tell me it is… we don’t want to assign a certain number of pages to read a day, or even a certain amount of time.

Instead, the first part of the challenge is to read the Book of Mormon as much as you can whenever you can this month and mark the tender mercies you find therein.

The second part of the challenge is to pray every morning that your eyes will be open to recognize the tender mercies of the Lord in your own life.  At the end of the day, write down the mercies that you discover.

Simple, right?

Oh, there is one thing more.

You already know that no challenge is complete without a celebration.  So, on June 22 we are going to celebrate this experience by participating in a Trail of Tender Mercies 5k walk.  Just like last time, you can participate in whatever corner of the world you live in.  Next week we will post everything you need to know about either participating with us here in Utah, or putting together a small walk in your own area.  We can hardly wait!!

Here are some suggestions that will help you prepare to celebrate this Month of Many Mercies with us.  You have a week to prepare...we will begin posting for the challenge on June 3.

Suggestion Number One…

Decide how you would like to participate in this challenge.  Maybe this is something you really need right now for you and you will do it in the quiet moments of your day.  Maybe your kids are home for the summer and you will use this for your family scripture study and let your kids participate with you.  Perhaps you would like to invite the ladies you walk with, or a group from your neighborhood, or someone from work.  Everyone is invited.  In fact, the more the merrier!

Suggestion Number Two…

Decide how you would like to read.


My daughter, Grace, is going to read the scriptures on her phone app and keep track of her daily mercies in the notes on her phone.


My daughter Meg is going to carry a small Book of Mormon everywhere she goes and then write in her journal each night.


I purchased an inexpensive Book of Mormon just for this challenge.  I only want to mark tender mercies in that copy of the Book of Mormon, and I am going to record my tender mercies in the pages at the back.  That way at the end of the experience I have something to remember it by.


 If you don’t own a copy of the Book of Mormon you can read whatever scriptures you already have at home.

Suggestion Number Three…

We want to stay connected on this journey!  It helps to hear what other people are discovering.  So…if you find a particularly great tender mercy moment in your scriptures could you post the reference in the comments section at the bottom of the blogs for the whole month of June?  Any June blog will work.  We would love to use those references on our Trail of Tender Mercies Walk.  Also, we will be posting about this challenge Monday – Friday for the whole month of June here on the blog.  If you have a tender mercy experience you would like to share we would LOVE to post some of those on the blog.

I feel as if we are about to embark on a remarkable journey…one we will never forget.

I can hardly wait to begin celebrating a month of many mercies.

“…live in thanksgiving daily, for the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you.”

(Alma 34:38)

Deliberate Discipleship:

Spend this week preparing for the adventure ahead!  We should probably make note that we will not be posting on our current blog themes for the month of June, but we will return to studying General Conference, Lorenzo Snow, the D&C, and Come, Follow Me in July.  The month of June is a vacation.  A time for making memories.  Oh, it is going to be a good month!