Emily Belle Freeman



A More Deliberate Disciple

It is snowing this morning.

I look out past the snowflakes that my girls and I carefully handcrafted and see the crystals He has crafted falling gently from blue sky to white earth.

Each pattern individual.


There is beauty there, in the unique design.  In His design.

My breath catches, the way it always does when I see His handiwork in such small detail.

I can't help but wonder, if His creative hand is so deliberate in the tiny details of a snow flurry, then how deliberate in my own life?

de•lib•er•ate  ...done consciously and intentionally

I have a friend who mothers deliberately.

And another who thinks deliberately.

And a few weeks ago I lost a dear friend who knew what it was to live deliberately.



I have decided this year I want to be more deliberate about that which is most important in my life.  I want to pay attention to living in detail.  To be conscious and intentional about the little things.

I want to be a more deliberate disciple in every sense of the word...as a mother, a follower, a teacher, a spouse, a friend, a covenant keeper, a daughter.

The more thought I have put into this idea the more I have begun to realize that it will require doing things consciously and intentionally especially in the tiny details of each day, for that is where the beauty of true discipleship lies.

Just there in the tiny details.

The remembering to read His words daily.  To study His doctrine.  To ponder the counsel of prophets.  To teach after His example.

Perhaps you joined with us last year as we read through all of the standard works.  It was a momentous journey.  A great undertaking.  One I will not forget.

I want this year to be filled with study also.  But my heart longs for something different.  Perhaps something more.

This year this blog will be a gathering place for those who want to live deliberately as a disciple.  As it has in the past, every post will contain a scripture or a quote from modern day prophets and apostles.

Each day we will learn lessons and capture principles that will show us how to live deliberately.

How to teach deliberately.

How to parent deliberately.

How to love deliberately.

How to study deliberately.

Invitations to be a deliberate disciple.

Sometimes there will be general invitations or challenges in some of these categories, but the most meaningful invitations will come personally from the Holy Ghost.

Invitations to apply what you are studying.

What will we study?  You may be wondering...

To begin with I want to study how to teach the gospel in the Savior's way.  The new youth curriculum invites us to learn ten principles or patterns of how the Savior taught.  I want to delve into the scriptures and find examples of each of these ten principles so that I can learn by watching His teaching style.  Then I want to apply what I learn in FHE, and in my church responsibilities.

There are some quotes from General Conference I want to learn more about, and maybe even memorize.

I want to read the Book of Mormon before Easter.

I want to prepare for my Sunday lessons by studying the words of Lorenzo Snow.  I want to keep up with my reading of the Doctrine & Covenants as I follow the Sunday School curriculum this year.

This year I want to find mores ways to rejoice in Christ, teach of Christ, and learn of Christ.

What will you study?  I invite you to take some time today to come up with a deliberate plan of your own.  What does your heart yearn to learn more about?

You will soon notice several new tabs across the top of this blog.  These tabs will help keep all of the tiny details we learn each day organized as we strive to live more deliberately as a disciple of Christ.

What do you think?

Are you up for another journey?

So glad to have you along...