Emily Belle Freeman



A Silver Lining

D&C 110:6 - D&C 115:17

Every cloud has a silver lining.

At least that's how the saying goes.

It's a proverb that found its origin from a poet named John Milton who penned, "O welcome, pure-ey'd Faith, white-handed Hope, Thou hovering angel, girt with golden wings!  Was I deceived, or did a sable cloud turn forth her silver lining on the night?" (Comus)

I can't help but think about that sable cloud.  Filled with blackness.  Hovering.

Engulfing everything in its path with darkness.

My heart knows that sable cloud.

Perhaps you have felt it also a time or two.

Hanging over your world...hanging over your heart.

In those moments when you were reaching for pure eyed faith, when you found yourself holding on to white handed hope did you discover the silver lining there?

I think of Saints burdened with debt ––chased out, and stretched thin, with hearts worn through.

Clinging to faith.  Holding on to hope.

Waiting for their silver lining.

I love the scripture given in that moment, as they struggled through that circumstance with a sable cloud hanging over their head.  Although the burden was not taken from them, they were given a promise from the Lord that would sustain them through the trial.

He promised, "I have much treasure in this city for you...for there are more treasures than one for you in this city...And I will order all things for your good, as fast as ye are able to receive them"  (D&C 111:2, 10&11)

All things for your good.

As fast as ye are able to receive them.

A silver lining turned forth from the sable cloud.

A blessing around the corner.

Promise peaking through the darkness.

Look for it, and it will be there.


Emily Freeman