Emily Belle Freeman



A Surprise For You

We have to take a pause in our summer of many mercies for a surprise. I love surprises.  LOVE!

I wish you were here.  I would have you cover your eyes with your hands.  (Because I love doing that...)  While they were closed I would build up the suspense by explaining the surprise to you.

Here is what you need to know about me.

There are two things I always read before I buy a book ––the dedication and the acknowledgements.  If I don't feel something when I read those I generally won't buy the book.

I think the dedication page is the most important part of the book.

I love to see who the book was written for...and why.

It must be exciting to know that a whole book was dedicated to you...I don't know for sure, because it has never happened to me...but I think it must be.

Anyway, I am an author.  (I don't know if you know that.)  And I spend months deciding who I will dedicate a book to.  It is really important to me that it be just right.  And I don't tell ANYONE.  It stays a big secret.  I even hide that page from everyone when the proofs come.  And my family can't wait until the book comes out so they can see who it was dedicated to.

Now for the big surprise.

Just for fun close your eyes....just for a minute and then you can open them again.

SURPRISE!!  I wrote this book for you!!

So many of you wrote and asked if I would compile the blog into a book.  This book is not that exactly...it would be way too long.  But it is a compilation of my most favorite blogs from the Old Testament all combined into one book.  As I put the book together I remembered the journey we took in 2012 to read the entire Standard Works.  My heart was filled with gratitude for each of you who joined us on that journey.  It is an experience I won't ever forget.

I just got this copy of the book today.

The real books won't be available until the beginning of September.  (Although there is a chance that the BYU Bookstore will have them at Education Week.)  But I couldn't wait until September to share the surprise with you.

I hope you liked it...