Emily Belle Freeman



A Walk and Conversation

D&C 19:26 - D&C 21:1

Most mornings I leave the house

with dishes in the sink,

and laundry on the floor,

and a list of things to do longer than the hours in that day will allow,

for a walk and conversation.

All it takes is one simple text, "Walk?"  Then I'm off to the closet for shoes and out the door.

Because my heart knows there is healing for the soul if I make time in the day for a walk and conversation.

It's good for me.

The heart pumping, the blood flowing, the circulation of energy through my veins.

But there is more.  Because my heart warms, and ideas flow, and thoughts circulate and process and sometimes head in a direction I hadn't thought of before.

Most days I walk with a friend, or my mom, or one of my girls.

But some days the text never comes, the phone never rings, the invitation doesn't get extended.

On those mornings I go to the closet for shoes and head out to walk alone.

Well, you might think I was walking alone if you saw me there on the side of the road walking past the horse pasture, and the red brick school with a bell in the tower, and the Church building I visit every Sunday morning and several days in between.

There, following the asphalt path as it curves next to the red brick wall, you might glance at me and wonder what I am thinking about as I walk alone.

But I don't walk alone.

On those days when the invitation doesn't come, He does.

"My noonday walks He will attend..." (Hymn 109)

He sends promptings to my heart, His words flow into my thoughts, and ideas begin to circulate.

It doesn't take long before the work of my day becomes directed by Him.  Sometimes thoughts from holy scripture strengthen faith and bring hope.

On those mornings I walk in holiness.

Oh, how I love those mornings.

"And the members shall manifest before the church, and also before the elders, by a godly walk and conversation, that they are worthy of it, that there may be works and faith agreeable to the holy scriptures

––walking in holiness before the Lord."

(D&C 20:69)

Emily Freeman