Emily Belle Freeman



A Walking Celebration...

I love holidays. I really, really love them.  The gathering.  The day off from regular responsibilities.  The celebration.

It is a day that is set apart…dedicated…for remembering.

Independence Day, Christmas, Easter, and Valentines Day are all days that have been set apart for celebrating and remembering.

This month I propose we create our own day of celebration.

A day dedicated to remembering.

Let’s set apart June 22, 2013 as a day devoted to celebrating and remembering the tender mercy moments in our lives.

What if all around the world, in neighborhoods and communities everywhere, we gathered for a walk of celebration to remember His many mercies?

Here is how you can participate...

GATHER A GROUP you would like to celebrate with.  It might be your walking group, your family, or some friends that have also been taking the month of many mercies challenge this month.  Perhaps you will include a group of young women or members of your Relief Society.  You could even walk by yourself to create a sacred personal experience.


SCHEDULE A TIME ON JUNE 22 FOR A WALKING CELEBRATION.  You will need about two hours.  You could do a morning walk, or you might consider an evening walk.

On Monday we will be posting printables of everything you will need for your walk.  If you want us to email you when the materials are available, just make sure you are SIGNED UP for the Higher Challenge here

Here is what you will find in this WALK PACKET (PDF):

1.     A PDF file that will allow you to print a runner’s bib for every person.  You will need to purchase safety pins.  Instead of a number, each walker should be prepared to write their favorite tender mercy scripture on their bib.  You could consider sharing these scriptures as you walk.

2.     A PDF file that will allow you to print a small handout for every person to take home.  You will need to purchase ribbons or fabric to attach to the top of each handout.

3.     A PDF file that will include all of the instructions for the walking celebration from start to finish.  Part of the celebration will include 5 really short stops where one member of your group can read a small devotional.  These devotionals will be included in the document.

I can hardly wait for June 22 to arrive!  In my mind I am already imagining small groups gathered around the world celebrating the many mercies of the Lord.

If you will be joining us here in Highland, Utah--Will you please send us an email through the “contact us” in the menu bar at the top of the page.  Please let us know how many people will be coming with you.  We will email you details and directions.

I hope you will join us on our Trail of Tender Mercies Walk no matter where you live.

Perhaps it will become an annual celebration.

June 22.

A day dedicated to remembering the many mercies the Lord bestows upon us.

And don't forget to SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE with us!

Please take a minute during your walk to post pictures of your group on our FACEBOOK PAGE,  INSTAGRAM and TWITTER #HigherChallenge.

We can't wait to see your celebration in your corner of the world.