Emily Belle Freeman



All Safe

You might recall that I have two missionaries serving right now. So the Typhoon in the Philippines has haunted me.  The missionaries unaccounted for.  It's filled my prayers and my thoughts.

Yesterday in seminary we talked about the tender mercies we had witnessed over the weekend.

One boy raised his hand and talked about his neighbors whose daughter is serving in the Philippines.  "She is missing," he said, "But we are not worried, her brother prayed about it last night and had a really good feeling that she is safe.  The whole family feels peace right now."

I said, "Wow, that is a really good tender mercy.  It speaks to the power of the Holy Ghost. And I am impressed that his witness was so strong that his whole family can hold onto it."

"Wait!" another girl said from across the room, "Are you talking about my cousin?"  After a few moments of exchanging names and house locations they realized they, in fact, were talking about the same girl.  "We received a phone call a half hour before seminary," she said, "They found her."

I watched relief flood over the boys face as the witness he had relied on was confirmed.  She was safe.  Just as her brother had said.

After seminary I prayed that the same would be true of all the remaining missionaries and felt a confirmation in my heart.

This morning I woke to this.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 7.14.54 AM

It is November.

Let the thanksgiving begin.