Emily Belle Freeman



Anticipating Miracles

Today we are asking for your help. You might remember that David Butler and I wrote a book a little bit ago.  The Peter Potential.  Perhaps you have read it.

When we wrote the book our hope was that Peter's story might have an impact for good on everyone who read it ––that this book would cross over religious boundaries and touch the heart of Christians everywhere, those who are like minded believers…followers of Jesus Christ.

It is an endeavor that is going to take a lot of effort because a religious book written by an LDS author rarely crosses the religious boundary into the national Christian market.

People have said it can't be done.

Maybe they are right.

But we believe otherwise.

So, for the month of October we are launching a national campaign.  And this is where we could use your help.

When we wrote the book we put an invitation at the end of every book…we invited the reader to pass the book along to someone they know…someone in need…someone they love.  It was our hope to multiply goodness by passing the message to as many people as we could.

Today we are asking if you might help us spread the message of this book with your friends with like minded beliefs… and there are several ways you can do this!

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Visit the webpage:  thepeterpotential.com

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Take the Peter Challenge:

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It's going to be an exciting month!  We are anticipating miracles.

Why wouldn't we?

With Heaven's Help and your help we really believe we can do this!

Emily Freeman