Emily Belle Freeman



As Many As Shall Believe

Doctrine &  Covenants Lesson 13

This afternoon my girls and I talked about what it means to believe.  We had an intense conversation.  I asked Megan what the difference is between believing and knowing.

Her answer made me think.

"Anyone can know something.  All they have to do is memorize it.  But memorizing doesn't mean you believe.  That takes your heart."

I had never thought about it like that before.

Believing requires the heart.

The lesson this week talks about the truths restored through Joseph Smith.

There is a scripture in Moses from the lesson that I love.  It is the very last line that stands out to me, "And in a day when the children of men shall esteem my words as naught and take many of them from the book which thou shalt write, behold, I will raise up another like unto thee; and they shall be had again among the children of men ––among as many as shall believe."  (Moses 1:40-41)

I want to be one who believes, and if I trust what Megan says, then that will require my heart.

In talking about the scriptures, Joseph Smith once said, "He who reads it oftenest will love it most."

I believe that is true.

With every fiber of my heart.

How do we come to love the scriptures?  What is it that will help us read them often?

I teach early morning seminary.

It is my favorite part of the day.

For the past several weeks we have studied scriptures that list the promises of personal scripture study.  We have focused on one scripture every morning.  This morning we finished the list and so we decided to read the entire list of promises out loud.

I listened to each promises as it was read and it made me want to go right home and open the pages of my scriptures.

There was not one promise that we don't stand in need of right now.

Consider these promises:

Your way will be prosperous You will be told all things These words have the power to convert You will be made wise They show the way to eternal life The words will make you firm and steadfast They will light the way They bring comfort hope and patience They unveil the mysteries of God You will come to know the word of God You will gain sound understanding Temptation will have no power over you You will be given power to teach They will point to a straight course You will not be deceived You will be filled with the Spirit of God They will enlarge your memory They testify of Christ Your eyes will be opened You will come to know the Lord's voice The adversary cannot have power over you You will receive answers through discernment You will ask and it shall be done You will feel peace

Take a moment to consider those promises.  How many of them do you need?  How many would bless your family?

The Lord asks of us something simple...read My word every day.


Is it because He wants to bless us every day?

Are His hands overflowing with the promises that He holds in store, the ones He is just waiting to bestow upon us the next time we read His words?

...each time we read His words.

My heart believes that.

I set my scriptures out today in a place where I could see them.

In a quiet moment they were there, waiting.

I opened the pages and began to read.  Blessings came.

He kept His promise.

Deliberate Discipleship:

I wondered if you might like to have a copy of the list of scriptures we have been studying.  I am including them below.  If you are looking for something to study in the next few months perhaps this could be a resource.

Joshua 1:8           2 Nephi 32:3          Psalms 19:7          Jacob 2:8          Helaman 3:29-30          Helaman 15:7-8

Psalms 119:105  Romans 15:4          Alma 12:10           D&C11:21           2 Tim 3:15-17                 Alma 17:2-3

D&C 19:23            1 Nephi 15:24        Alma 31:5              D&C 68:4           Alma 37:44                     D&C 84:85

JS-M 1:37             1 Nephi 1:11-12     Alma 37:8              John 5:39          D&C 138:11                     D&C 18:34-36

1 Nephi 15:24       Hebrews 4:12        John 15:7