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Bible Journaling

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After reading your questions on Instagram, I want to share some of the things I am doing for this Old Testament study...

First, I bought this Bible at Deseret Book.


I also bought these Avery sheets on Amazon.

I did that because I want to do something different as I read the Old Testament this year.  I want to try something called Bible Journaling.

Have you heard of Bible Journaling?  It is where you take your study guide and cut it up and paste it right into your scriptures.  That way you can turn your scriptures right into a journal as you go.  Here's how it works:  At the beginning of the week I print off two copies of the study guide...one on regular paper and one on the Avery sticker paper.  I use the stickers mostly in the margins.  I use the regular paper for the quotes and questions and schedules.  So far I love how everything is right inside my scriptures...the schedules, the things I want to remember, the questions...that way if I ever look back on this in years to come, I will have everything I need to do the study again.

Each of the study guides will include favorite verses, places for notes, a question for each day, and words that you can place anywhere you want during that week's reading.  


The first thing I do is go through and paste the study guide into my Bible...right on day one.  Then, as I read I mark the verses I love and keep track of lessons I am learning right on the pages.  

Besides the study guides, I will post two scriptures a week on Instagram... they will be power phrases, which means it is a sentence with 7 words or less that is a powerful phrase that would be easy to memorize. It was awesome today to see how many power phrases you were finding as you read.  People posted them in the comments....LET'S DO THAT ALL YEAR!!  I have already gone through and marked your favorite verses within my Bible.

It's fun that social media allows us to study together.  

As we get into the Old Testament we will read stories that are hard to understand...one of those is found in this week's reading.  It is the story of Lot's daughters.  In my scriptures I have written a note there that has become a powerful reminder to me...I also included it in the study guide.  We cannot underestimate the consequences that stem from one choice.  Lot's downfall began on the day he faced his tent toward Sodom.  The consequences of that choice led to a family who continually chose the ways of the world over the ways of God.  It became their nature.  In moments of crisis, they turned to the world instead of turning to God.  They wanted to be in charge of the solution, rather than trusting God or waiting on His timing.

We read that story, and we can't imagine why those daughters made the choice they did until we look back and remember that the focus of their family was deeply influenced by what was happening on the streets of Sodom.

What can you learn from this story about the decisions you are making today in your own family? What could you do differently?  What might you give up?  What should you add?  How can you turn your focus toward the Lord?



Emily Freeman