Emily Belle Freeman




4 Nephi 1:38 - Mormon 4:5

"And how blessed were they! For the Lord did bless them in all their doings; yea, even they were blessed and prospered..."

4 Nephi 1:18

Today I was reminded about what it means to be blessed.  Prospered.

I was reminded that miracles really do happen.

All day long I have been excited to share the experience with you.  It is a story that fits beautifully with a scripture from yesterday's reading, and so that is the verse I am including in the blog post today... I hope you won't mind.

Before I share the end of the story, the miracle in the email that we received today, I have to tell you about the beginning.

It all started the last week of August.

My son was still on his mission in Croatia.  He and his companion were sitting at McDonalds.  They were eating their food when two men walked in and asked who they were.  Caleb's companion slapped his hand on the chair next to him and, with a huge smile, said, "Come take a seat!"

As they talked they found out these men were homeless.

In fact, the night before they had actually considered stealing a car in order to pay for somewhere to live.

At the end of the conversation the men told these two Elders that the biggest reason they were on the street was because of their drinking and smoking problem.

On September 3 Caleb wrote home, "We had a lesson on the Word of Wisdom.  The Spirit was strong, but there was a lot of fear in them. They didn't believe they could do it. We kept testifying, kept promising, and the Spirit really told me that if they would do this, before it snowed they would have a place to live. It was a surreal experience. We made a plan to really succeed, we're starting a piggy bank, and every day they will save 50 kuna to put towards an apartment. They will not spend any of that on beer or cigarettes.  When we showed them their potential, what they could be, a light went on that hadn't been there before."

Three weeks later Caleb came home from his mission.

But the work with Ivan continued.

This morning Caleb received a copy of an email his companion wrote home from Croatia...

Ivan was baptized this week.  Do you remember when I wrote you about meeting them on September 3?  "In the lesson, Elder Freeman promised them that if they would live by the principles we had taught them, they would have a roof over their head before snowfall.  Ivan began immediately.  It wasn't easy at all for him.  He was desperately addicted to cigarettes.   As he let the Gospel touch his life, he eventually found a place to stay and just started work a few weeks ago.  Yesterday, as snow fell for the first time, he received the Holy Ghost."

How blessed was he!

For the Lord did bless him in all his doings.

Yes, even he was blessed and prospered.


Emily Freeman