Emily Belle Freeman




Today I am thinking of the word complete. Entire.


To the greatest extent or degree.


Ever wonder what that looks like?

Well, I am about to show you…in a very humorous way… what it looks like to give everything you have to something.

This is Grace.


She is in ninth grade.

On Friday she came home and said, "The most embarrassing thing happened to me at school today."  We laughed and laughed as she shared the story with us.  On Monday she came home with show and tell.  Turns out the school security cameras recorded her most embarrassing moment.  The entire front office had been laughing about it all day.  I thought you might like to see…

A little background here… Grace is a TA in the front office.  On Friday a girl came to the front desk to ask a question.  While she waited she lifted her right leg up and placed it gracefully on the counter.  "Look how flexible I am," she told Grace.  Grace replied, "Oh!  Wait!  Look how flexible I am!!"  She came around the corner of the desk intent on doing her best high kick.  She gave her entire effort.  Full.  To the greatest extent.  And then this happened…

They Call Me Grace

Every time I watch that (and it has been hundreds) I just love the fact that Grace gave everything she had, her complete effort, to that moment.

I knew you would love watching it.

Now, on a more serious note, I have been thinking about what it means to let the Holy Ghost have complete influence over my life.



To the greatest extent or degree.


I wonder what it would look like,  I wonder what it would feel like, if we gave up all restraint and let the Spirit lead.

I think we would experience more moments of Grace.

Not the kind recorded by school security cameras that end with laughter and rolling on the ground.

The kind that is Heaven sent, Heaven guided, Heaven directed.

Beautiful moments of Grace.

Great achievements.

Because the Holy Ghost will guide us into what is necessary to say and do.

Emily Freeman