Emily Belle Freeman



Donate a Toy

photo(48) I loved today.

It is something special to involve our kids in a service that is close to their little hearts.

They understand the tug of donating a toy.

It opened the door for sweet explanations about those who have less.

At one point, several of the kids were starting to debate about which toys they should keep and which toys they should give.

(I love their little conversations with each other.)

In the midst of their back and forth about what they should do, our 6 year old chimed in the age old adage--

"Guys--it is better to give than to...keep."

I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Part of it was watching his facial expression when he realized what he intended to say wasn't going to work--and then quickly adjusting.

Part of it was an overflow of happiness with what we were doing--watching the spirit of Christmas reflect on their faces.

(And part of it was sheer joy to be clearing out some of the toys in the playroom!).photo(49)We hope you are having a wonderful experience with the 24 Days of Giving.

It is difficult for me to post some of these experiences in fear that it is coming off as a shout of our good deeds from the rooftop.

That was never the plan.

Rather it has become a record for me.  A record of the feelings we have had and the lessons we are learning from trying a little more the be like the Savior.

All credit goes to Him.


Emily Freeman