Emily Belle Freeman



Empty Your Sack

Genesis 45:9 - Genesis 49:24

I spent the weekend searching for the comparisons between Joseph's story and the life of Christ.  One comparison prompted me into action this morning.  What I discovered surpassed my expectations.

Did you notice what happened every time the brothers left Joseph?

The first time they left Egypt they stopped at an inn, "and it came to pass as they emptied their sacks, that, behold, every man's bundle of money was in his sack."  (Genesis 42:35)

As they emptied their sacks...

When they returned to Joseph they explained, "When we came to the inn, that we opened our sacks, and, behold, every man's money was in the mouth of his sack, our money in full weight:  and we have brought it again in our hand.  And other money have we brought down in our hand to buy food:  we cannot tell who put our money in our sacks."  And Joseph replied,   "Peace be to you, fear not:  your God, and the God of your father, hath given you treasure in your sacks."  (Genesis 43:21)

We opened our sacks, and behold, our money in full weight...

treasure in your sacks...

As they prepared to leave for home the second time Joseph "commanded the steward of his house, saying, Fill the men's sacks with food, as much as they can carry, and put every man's money in his sack's mouth."  (Genesis 44:1)

Fill the sacks...as much as they can carry...not just enough to supply their needs...but more.  Much more.

The third time the brothers left, a sack was not sufficient.

This time Joseph sent wagons and 10 horses laden with good things and 10 more horses laden with corn, bread, and meat.

If Joseph is a type of Christ, then we have just been taught a very important characteristic of the Lord.  We have come to know a little more about the Giver of Every Good Gift ––who gives not just enough to simply supply our needs...but more.

Much more.

Perhaps we should take some time to empty our sacks.

This morning my mind focused on the image of ten brothers with sacks on their backs.  Ten brothers who, as they emptied their sacks, discovered gifts beyond their expectations.

Sacks filled with treasure.

As much as they could carry.

I spent this morning emptying my sack to discover the treasure the Lord has given me.  The contents surpassed my expectations.

As I pondered I took counsel from the advice Pharaoh gave the brothers as they returned home to bring their father back to Egypt, "regard not your stuff...for the good of all the land of Egypt is yours."  (Genesis 45:20)

Regard not your stuff.

So I didn't count my stuff. Instead I tried to discover those things that would be considered good in the eyes of the Lord.

This type of treasure requires thought to discern.

I pondered on the gift of time, freedom, the fruits of hard labor...

I pondered on truths restored, the power of the priesthood in my life, covenants I have made...

Among the greatest treasures were memories of moments when I have had the opportunity to act as an instrument in the Lord's hands.

I was surprised to discover that the sweetest treasures were those that required the most sacrifice.

The other thing I discovered was that the emptier my sack became the fuller became my heart.

I have been truly blessed.

It's been a long time since I have taken a good look at the treasure I have been given.

As I emptied my sack this morning I realized the Lord has truly given me as much as I can carry.  I find myself echoing the words of Jacob...

"It is enough." (Genesis 45:28)

My wish for you today?

That you might find a moment sometime today to empty your sack.

Emily Freeman