Emily Belle Freeman



Endless Possibilities

This morning the rising of the sun seemed to celebrate the New Year ––shedding light on a new beginning with possibilities that are ENDLESS...

The New Year found me on my knees INQUIRING of the Lord what WORK He would have me do this year and asking for the STRENGTH to accomplish whatever it is He has in mind for me.

In this moment, I learn from Moses.  I follow in his steps.  Today my journey is his.


I read, "I am the Lord God Almighty, and ENDLESS is my name.  And, behold, thou art my son, (thou art my daughter...) and I have a WORK for thee."  (Moses 1:3-6)

I wonder...what is that work, Lord?  How might I discover it?  How can I come to know what it is You have in mind for me this year?

Again, I hear the words of Moses, "I will not cease to call upon God, I have other things to INQUIRE of him."  (Moses 1:18)

I find myself pondering all of the things I long to inquire of the Lord, and I set a resolution ––this year I will not cease to call upon God.  But that is not all, I will open my eyes...I will look so that He can show me the workmanship of His hands.  (Moses 1:4)  There is more than just inquiring; there is learning to see the answer.  Looking, so we can see the workmanship of His hands.  This year I will look for the Lord.

Perhaps, within the looking, I will see the possibilities ENDLESS, and I will be led to discover the work He has in mind for me...His work.

I wonder, what if it is a challenge that seems bigger than I am...what if I am not equal to the task?

His answer brings comfort and instills confidence, "Blessed art thou, for I, the Almighty, have chosen thee, and thou shalt be made STRONGER..."  (Moses 1:25)

STRONG enough to tackle the work He has in mind for me.  STRONGER in my dedication and desire.  STRONGER in my testimony of Him.

Today's reading left me reflecting on one simple message...  If the Lord had a work for Moses, then surely He must have a work for me.  And, if the Lord knew Moses and called him Son, then the Lord must know me as His daughter.

He has promised, "they are mine, and I know them."  (Moses 1:35)  My heart knows the truth of those words.  Within them there is comfort.  The Lord knows me.  I am His.

So, today I will inquire of Him.  And as the New Year begins, I will open my heart to experience His ENDLESS possibilities.  And I will look for the workmanship of His hands in my life.  And, like Moses, I will try to discover the work He has in mind for me.

And perhaps, I will be made STRONGER.





Emily Freeman