Emily Belle Freeman



First Base

1sr_Base The stars hung into the deep blackness at 11:45 pm and we whispered and teased about matchmaking.

"Josh, what is your first base?"

The question came after one full hour of laughter and questions.  It's what you do on the first night of trek if you are sleeping in a tent full of 20-year-old boys.  There were six of us gathered into one tent.  Greg and I, Grace, and the three single boys.

So we all took turns playing the role of matchmaker.

Talking about the girls they admired into the darkest moments of the night.

Giving unsolicited advice to our audience tucked snuggly into sleeping bags.  Held captive by the warmth in the bag, they listened…they shared…and they laughed.  Oh, I won't forget that night.

It was in the midst of that high quality conversation that we started talking about first base.  Steven, self proclaimed expert on girls, coaching Josh on how to win Jennie's heart.  (There is probably a saying about what happens at trek staying at trek, but I am about to let you become part of that night's conversation.  Don't tell the boys…)

So Steven took over the conversation.  What to say to her.  When to hold her hand.  How soon you can text her after trek.  You know how it goes…

But, first base, it was something that had to be settled on.

Josh's lips were sealed.  There was no way he was giving up that information.  So we turned to the self proclaimed expert…

Steven, what is your first base.

He wasn't giving up that information either.

It was at that moment that Meg texted from a dorm at Utah State.  Just checking in.  Letting us know how her day was going from miles and miles away.

Immediately the boys chimed in.  Ask Meg what her first base is!!!

Let's be honest…how could we resist?

Maybe you don't know Meg.  Perhaps you haven't heard us talk about her Megan Moments.  We have a book of them.  Because she is absolutely brilliant with not an ounce of common sense.  And the things that she comes up with…

Oh, one day we should just talk about those moments.

So we asked:


In the stillness of that black, black night our tent erupted in laughter.

The kind of laughter that builds …expanding happiness into every single corner.

And I thought about how much I LOVE that girl.  Her goodness.  The way she makes us laugh, spilling her happiness into every single corner of our lives.  Her innocence in a world that is greatly lacking that one redeeming quality.  She is like a star that hangs into the darkness.

I woke up the next morning and hoped that would be her response for the rest of her life.

Because there is goodness in that answer.

And if her first step always includes Jesus then how could she ever go wrong?


Emily Freeman