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Fridays are for embracing…

It was a short week. Just one lesson and one scripture.

For those of you who are wondering…it's because we did some remodeling on the blog.  Stop by and take a look.

This week we focused on the invitation to have a "do better."

Last night a friend texted me.  We talked back and forth about this journey to embrace the gift this year.  To be led by the Spirit more fully.  To listen and respond.

I explained to her how I am feeling led in a way I never have before because I am expecting to be led every day.  I haven't been like this before.  I didn't watch with expectation for promptings to come…for the Spirit to work in me.  I told her about the promptings that were coming one right after another after another.  They are too random to be coincidental.  It's like following bread crumbs.  Like manna in the wilderness.  Just what I need every day.

Then she replied, "He really is in the details isn't He?  He loves us so much.  Are you writing them down?"

It made me so happy for these Friday moments.  A time for writing down and recording.  I realized I need to spend more time on this part of the process.  The writing.  The remembering.  The lessons I am learning.

So that I won't ever forget.

Friday's are for..

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Friday's are for..

Emily Freeman