Emily Belle Freeman




Weekends are for living deliberately.  So every Friday you will find a post to fill your mind and maybe some of the minutes that make up the weekend.  It won't require study...just thought...because it's the weekend! We have three glorious days ahead of us to practice living as a more deliberate disciple in one way.

My mind has been full all day as I have tried to decide what I need most from this weekend.  That's because I have a huge list in my head of things I could be doing more deliberately.  So, how do I choose just one?  And, even more important, which one is the most important.

I know it's January, and we are supposed to be extra motivated right now, but I am not.

I'm just a little worn out.  Maybe from the holidays, and the gearing up for the New Year, and (I'll be honest) the weather.

So what I want to do most this weekend might seem a little strange to you.

I want to gather my family and spend some quality moments together.  It's a holiday weekend.  There is no school on Monday.  It's almost like we have been given a reprieve from the mad dash, and I am going to take it.

But I want to do it deliberately...since that is my focus this year.

We are not going to Disneyland, or even to St. George.  We are staying home.  But I have spent the day coming up with some activities we can do together as a family in the next few days.

I set out a puzzle.

I've picked out a few movies.

I've thought of some fun treats.

(Don't worry Megan and Grace, if you are reading this, I am not going to make you spend every single minute of the weekend glued to my side.)  I'm just not going to let the moments that you are by my side slip by this weekend.

I have been thinking...what is it that my family needs most right now?

I think of each of them individually and wonder, what does this one need...

A listening ear.  Encouragement.  Time.  Knowledge.

I can't help but consider what we've learned so far this week... how to be a nurturing instrument, how to find something in each day to embrace and cherish, and how to receive inspiration.  We've even pondered about having our own Sacred Grove moments.  So, I am going to enter the weekend prayerful with all of that learning in mind.

I am going to prepare for this gathering together through prayer and inspiration so that I might spend the weekend nurturing, embracing and cherishing.  Each one.  In whatever way they need it most.


"Nevertheless the children of God were commanded that they would gather themselves together oft..."  (Alma6:6)

Living Deliberately:

Consider entering this weekend with your family in mind.  Who needs you right now?  Your Mother, or sister, or a nephew, or one of you children...maybe your spouse?  Could you enter the weekend with a prayer in your heart and then find a moment to gather together to embrace, cherish, or nurture that relationship?  I hope you have a wonderful weekend, filled to the brim with those you love.