Emily Belle Freeman



Gentle Works of Grace

Today another blog friend sent an email that left an impression on my heart. "In Finnish (I served my mission in Finland), the phrase "tender mercies" in 1Nephi 1:20

is written lempeät armoteot,

which translates directly into "gentle works of grace."

It reminded me of a thought I had several years ago...

He is the tender behind the mercy.

As I ponder on those words...gentle  and tender  my testimony of who the Savior is increases.

In the past two weeks I have felt His gentle hand.

I have experienced His tender touch.

And I am beginning to understand that Grace is divine means of help or strength, given through the bounteous mercy and love of Jesus Christ.  (Bible Dictionary)

This journey has helped me to know the Lord in ways that I haven't before.  The attributes I am writing in the back of my Book of Mormon have spilled over into a journal.  My understanding of His hand as its orchestrates my life is increasing.

And I am realizing that one month of many mercies is not going to be long enough.

This challenge is going to have to fill my entire summer...

Because it is not enough to know what Nephi knew, I want to know what Jacob and Enos and Alma and Moroni knew.  I want my testimony of the attributes of the Lord to expand.  I want to experience a Summer of Many Mercies...and I feel like I am just in the beginning phases of knowing how.

I really want to finish the entire Book of Mormon and mark every verse that testifies of the realities of His Gentle Grace and His Tender Mercies.

I want to gather a list of attributes 10 times the size of the one below.

I want to know the Savior in a way that I haven't before––

until I have a deeper testimony of His gentle grace because I have experienced firsthand His tender mercy.