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Give Hot Chocolate to Someone who is Cold

photo (39) There is an amazing photographer in Moscow who captures snowflakes up close and in great detail.

photo (38)

They are spectacular, aren't they?

And they sing proudly of a Creator.

It is a matter of wonder to me that my front yard is covered in millions of these beautiful designs.

Each of them unique.

Each of them worth examining up close.

Would you ever grow tired of the awe?

You have heard of souls being compared to snowflakes.

Each unique and worth your time.

Each of divine design.

I thought about that today with my challenge to bring hot chocolate to someone who was cold.

I started to panic a little wondering where I would find someone.

Mostly because I was looking for a particular someone.

Should I wait outside the grocery store and hand one to the first person out?

Or perhaps to someone pumping gas.

Or did the bell ringer want some?

As I drove I pictured them in my mind.

Person after person after person.

Then I started to consider their individual stories.

Their sorrows and joys and worries and wonders.

Then I realized that this is one of the gifts that this December was developing in my heart.

The gift to see a little more the way He does.

Even for hot chocolate.

And it made me happy.


p.s.  Last minute we made a switch-a-roo and traded the hot chocolate for soup.  At first it didn't seem nearly as fun as hot chocolate, but it was definitely hot, and definitely good, and no one ever wrote a book called "Hot Chocolate for the Soul," so chicken soup must have some redeeming merit, right??  Don't worry, I will hand out hot chocolate another day :)

photo (37)

Emily Freeman