Emily Belle Freeman



God's Heart

Sometimes life doesn't go the way we plan.

Even when we're following The Plan.

I found a new favorite quote on the wall of my mom's bedroom, "When you can't see God's hand, trust His heart."

Sometimes we face a trial that seems to overwhelm us.  There is no end in sight.  We wonder if we will be forever held in that moment of pain.

We question if perhaps the Lord has forgotten us.

Maybe things won't work out.

We pray, and we fast, and we search desperately for the answer that seems to never come.

...sometimes answers are slow in coming...

Sometimes we find ourselves wondering about His will.

Wondering why we even pray if we never seem to get what we want or think we need.

What do we do then?

We trust His heart.

We remember our relationship to Him and our purposes here.

We remember how good He intends to be to us.  Always good.

Part of mortality includes detours along the way, storms that slow us down, obstacles that must be surmounted.

Often these detours, or storms, or obstacles come out of nowhere, when least expected.

It's what we do when we encounter the unexpected that defines us.

We could shrink, turn aside, curl up and decide never to move forward again.  And sometimes we do, just like Hezekiah who turned his face to the wall and wept sore.

But, in Hezekiah's case, after the weeping something important took place.

He turned to God.

He prayed.

He came to know God's heart.

A heart he could trust.

The same was true of Esther in a moment that required great courage to move forward.  She gathered her closest friends and together they fasted and prayed.  She found strength in the Lord and then she approached the situation at hand.

I can't forget Hannah, who approached the Lord in her abundance of grief.  After preparing her heart she went to the temple and pled her case before the Lord.  She left it in his hands--trusting His heart knows best--and when she left the temple that morning she was no more sad.

The scriptures contain story after story of Saints who turned to God in the midst of great adversity.  Gideon, Elisha, Jehoshaphat, The Brother of Jared, Nephi, Joseph Smith, the blind man, the leper, the woman who touched His robe, and Jairus.  These gilded pages are filled with holy experiences of those who turned to God in moments of great trial.  Saints who came to trust God's heart.

He reached their reaching.

In His own way, and in His own time.

I have learned that in the moments when my life has taken a detour, or the storms swirl overhead, or the obstacle in my path seems insurmountable, I must open my scriptures.

Answers are there.

Counsel, direction, comfort.

Those pages teach us about God's heart.

I am coming to understand that God's heart loves my heart.

When I remember that, even in moments of greatest trial, I know what it is to trust.

Deliberate Discipleship:

This morning as I was considering God's heart I was reminded of the Psalm of Nephi found in 2 Nephi 4:17-26.  It speaks of trust, and support, and love in moments of greatest adversity.  Moments when Nephi sent his voice up on high, and angels came down.  Times when he was carried by the wings of His Spirit.  Experiences when his eyes beheld great things, yea, even too great for man...  Within those verses Nephi testifies of God's heart.  If you get a chance today, ponder on the lessons found in those verses. The Young Women's lesson on the Plan of Salvation is also a great resource on how to get through adversity.  Click here to read more.