Emily Belle Freeman



He Loved Them

One of my most favorite scenes of the four gospels is found in John 21.

Remember the disciples, who had fished all night without success.

Remember how One, waited on shore.  Watching.

He knew that their interest, their hope, their desire was to fill their nets.  He was completely aware of their empty nets, their empty stomachs, their empty hearts.

So He waited on the shore, until they saw Him there.

Then he offered direction, "Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find."  (John 21:6)

And afterward he offered warmth, "As soon then as they were come to land, they saw a fire of coals there, and fish laid thereon, and bread."  (John 21:9)

From the new curriculum, Come, Follow Me, we read, "He loved them, prayed for them, and continually served them. He found opportunities to be with them and to express His love. He knew their interests, hopes, and desires and what was happening in their lives." (click here for more information...Teaching the Gospel in the Savior's Way)

The result of this love and service is portrayed in one of my most favorite parts of the story.
When Peter saw the man standing on the shore, and heard that it was the Lord, "he girt his fisher's coat unto him...and did cast himself into the sea."  (John 21:7)
He couldn't wait to be with the Lord, so he immediately left the ship to go to where he was.
In that moment we understand clearly how much Peter loved The Teacher.
Interestingly the greatest teaching moment in chapter 21 comes after the counsel to throw the nets on the right side.  It comes after the Lord had observed the great catch.  It comes after He had fed them warm fish and bread.
After the service and after the love we read about the great teaching moment we are so familiar with..."Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, loves thou me more than these?  ...Follow me."  (John 21:16)
Consider your calling to teach, whether it is in your home,  in your ward, or maybe even as a visiting teacher.  What can you learn from this example of the Savior's teaching?
How could you love them?
Pray for them?
Serve them?
Find opportunities to be with them?
Express love for them?
Come to know their interests, hopes, and desires and what is happening in their lives?

This afternoon we played a game.

We tried to come up with as many examples as we could that showed moments in the Saviors life when He did one of those six things.  We thought of Lazarus and when He prayed for Peter among many others.

What moments can you remember?  Think through the lessons of the four gospels with that in mind.  What teaching moments would you like to study that might help you better understand this lesson?

Perhaps you could list them here in the comment section as you think of them.  Your ideas could become a suggestion for those who would like to study this topic in more depth.

Then consider this...How might you use this suggestion to teach in the Savior's way as you live deliberately as a disciple this week?