Emily Belle Freeman



He Shared Simple Stories, Parables, Real Life Examples

This fall I had the opportunity to visit a small village in Boston. In a small home inside the village was a potter.

We watched him work.  His hands carefully molding the clay.  Steady and sure.  Knowing beforehand in his mind the design he wanted to create with his hands.


He was very talented.  A master of his trade.

We stayed to watch him make several different pieces.  I couldn't help but notice that each was unique in its own right.  Each had been touched by the hand of a master.

I was reminded of a verse in Isaiah.

"...we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand." (Isaiah 64:8)

In that instant I was taught...the words of the Lord brought to life by the imagery of the potter.

That is the way of the Master Teacher ––One who knows how to weave life moments into the meaning of holy words.

"He shared simple stories, parables, and real-life examples that made sense to them. He helped them discover gospel lessons in their own experiences and in the world around them. He spoke of fishing, of childbirth, of working in the fields. To teach about watching over each other, He told stories about rescuing lost sheep. To teach His disciples to trust Heavenly Father’s tender care, He urged them to “consider the lilies of the field.” (Teaching in the Savior's Way)