Emily Belle Freeman



He Trusted Them...an Encounter With the Lord

It is a fourth Sunday this week, which means we do not have a lesson from Lorenzo Snow.  There are still three principles we haven't studied from Teaching in the Savior's Way from the youth curriculum, so today I am going to focus on one of those principles. My thoughts today have been focused on how we become converted.

I began the day by studying the story of Paul on the road to Damascus.  Then a friend asked me a question, "How did you gain your testimony, or certain aspects of your testimony?"  A few hours later I read the next principle in Teaching in the Savior's Way, "He trusted them, prepared them, and gave them important responsibilities to teach, bless, and serve others. “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature,” He charged them. His purpose was to help them become converted through their service to others." (Teaching in the Savior's Way)

I imagine Paul setting off on the road to Damascus, letters in hand, intent on wreaking havoc.  In the middle of that dusty road he had an encounter with the Lord, and in that instant his life changed.  He was trusted, prepared, and given a new responsibility...directly from the Lord.

It would require humility to face those he had once ridiculed.  It would require courage to turn his back on his past.  It would require the enabling power of the Savior to make the change required.

But he did it.

He, who was once considered a great enemy to the church became one of its greatest advocates.

In the end his life was devoted to teaching, blessing, and serving others.

All because of an encounter with the Lord, on a dusty road, in the middle of a journey.

I realized that was the key to everything I had been pondering.

Our conversion comes in the moments when we have encounters with the Lord.

For each of us those encounters will be different.  It all depends on where we are on the dusty path.  For some of us the encounter will come in the form of a second chance.  For others it will bring healing.  Some of us will find ourselves desperately in need of comfort.  Perhaps we will stop to ask for instruction or guidance.  Maybe the encounter will come in the middle of a dark night as we plead for peace, for rest, for the balm that only He can bring.

The encounters are sweet.  Personal.  Individual.

They are the moments when we come to know the Lord.

Do you know the Lord trusts you?  Do you know that He can prepare you for whatever lies ahead on your dusty road?  He has responsibilities in store for you...opportunities to teach, bless, and serve those who you associate with.  Did you know His purpose is to help you?  Remarkably, it is that service that will help you become converted.


Because every time you serve in His behalf He will be there to guide you.

And you will experience an encounter with the Lord.

Deliberate Discipleship:

Just a question to ponder today...When was the last time you had an encounter with the Lord?

If it's been awhile it might be time to take a walk down a dusty road...