Emily Belle Freeman



Hear with your Heart

It's going to be a good week. I am counting down the days, making final preparations, planning for what is about to happen.

My heart yearns for what is about to take place.

For the gathering.

This Saturday a monumental event is scheduled.  All women, young women, and girls eight years of age and older are encouraged to gather together, especially as families.

“As the women of the Church gather together—sisters, mothers, and daughters—they, their families, and the Church will be strengthened and blessed…” (Letter from the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.)

I seek this promised strength.

I seek these promised blessings.

So the preparation for the gathering begins.  I have contacted my sisters and their daughters, I have talked with my mom, and my daughters and I have cleared our calendar.

For the gathering.

There will be food, laughter and giggling, bonding together.

And there will be listening.

I consider it a great privilege to have the opportunity to learn from women who stand as witnesses of Jesus Christ and to listen to a prophet of the Lord.

I long for their counsel.

My soul needs it.

I recognize there is more preparation required than just scheduling the date, choosing a place to gather for dinner, deciding where we will attend.

There is a readying of the heart that must take place.

In order to receive the promised strength and blessings I will need to be prepared to hear with my heart.

It's not just about what I need to set aside, let go of, refrain from.  This readying includes a preparing.  It's taking time to discern the questions my soul needs answers for right now.  Living in tune.  Using prayer and scripture study to qualify for an abundance of the Spirit as the weekend approaches.

Perhaps you would like to join us in this readying process.

Set the distractions aside. Prepare a landing place. Gather with us on Saturday evening.

Ready to hear with your heart.



Emily Freeman