Emily Belle Freeman



Enter if you...

Recently I was out for a walk and I happenchanced upon this hopscotch.

It didn't take long to discover that it wasn't your ordinary hopscotch.

It caught my attention at about square 45, and by the time I reached                                                                                              square 101 I decided to turn around and walk back to the front for                                                                                                          a closer look.

Written as a masthead across the entrance of the hopscotch was an invitation...

well actually, more of a warning...

"Only ten and under, enter if you dare."

I shook my head unable to hold back the grin pulling at the corners of my mouth.  As the enthusiasm of the designer captured my imagination I couldn't hold back the happy giggle.  She had spent the good part of an afternoon setting up a challenging course.  I wondered how many of her friends dared join her adventure...and how many finished?

In the spirit of this enthusiastic hopscotch designer I am about to invite you on a journey.  I have spent the good part of a month exploring this idea, and I should probably warn you ––this isn't your average journey.

The masthead for this adventure reads:


Enter if you are weary and in need of a rest                                                                                                                                                Enter if you are looking for hope, or peace                                                                                                                                               Enter if you seek answers to questions of the heart                                                                                                                                       Enter if you shoulder a burden heavier than you can bear on your own                                                                                                   Enter if you long for the companionship of the Lord

What will the journey entail?

It includes an invitation to read the entire Standard Works in one year.  (Starting with the Pearl of Great Price, then the Old Testament, the New Testament, and finishing with the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants.)  Have you ever done that before?  Have you ever wanted to?  Wouldn't it be remarkable if you did?

Lest you feel overwhelmed at this point in the juncture, perhaps it would help if I told you that it is only seven pages a day.

Seven pages.

And yes, there will be a 17 mile walk.  On Memorial Day.  Because, dear friends, why wouldn't there be...

This blog will serve as an encouragement station and a gathering place.  A scripture or thought for each day's reading will be posted here daily Monday through Friday.  The reading schedule can be found under The Daily Journey located in the navigation bar above.  Each date marks the chapter and verse where you will begin reading on that day.  If you are hoping for an audio recording for each set of scriptures you can find one here.

Maybe sometime during the next few weeks you might decide that this adventure is for you.  If so, perhaps you could spend some time thinking about just what your heart needs from this journey.  What would you like to gain from this experience?  You might consider reading Elder Bednar's talk, A Reservoir of Living Water, as you prepare.  As always, this is an open ended invitation, which means you can invite anyone you want to join us on this journey.

Already I feel my heart preparing for the New Year.  I feel the reaching, the yearning for growth, the desire for 2012 to be a different year than 2011 was.  I ponder opening my heart wider to allow Him more room for molding me, shaping me, leading me.  What better way to be led than through His word daily?  What better way to be molded and shaped than by learning from those He has molded and shaped before.  Holy words on gilded pages.  This year my soul longs to know more of those words.

Will you join us?

If so, meet back here on January 1, 2012...

And remember

––the journey is the reward


Emily Freeman