Emily Belle Freeman




Come, Follow Me...The Godhead

Today, after church was over, Megan and I took a drive up the canyon.

It's mucky here it Utah.  Soupy.  Greg woke up and announced that we were socked in.

I feel socked in right now.

So, we decided to drive up the canyon, high enough to get away from all of the smog from the inversion.

Higher and higher until we could feel the sun.

As we drove we talked about the new youth curriculum.  This month they are focusing on the Godhead.  The lessons have been going for three weeks now, and I said to Megan, "What have you learned that you didn't know before?"

Our conversation was insightful. We talked about the roles of each member of the Godhead, what unifies them, and what makes them unique.  I have been thinking a lot about that this week, so I said to Megan, "Now that you have had three weeks worth of lessons, tell me what you know about each member of the Godhead...describe them."

As she spoke we began to make a list.

We started with the Holy Ghost.  This is what we came up with...comforter, enlightener, a source of direction, promptings, and warnings, revealer, one who gives guidance, teacher, and testifier.  The Holy Ghost brings wisdom.

Next we spoke of the Savior.  We spoke of Him as our advocate, intercessor, giver of strength, rest, and peace.  Author of our course.  One who understands exactly how we feel.  Healer.

Last we spoke of Heavenly Father.  "How does He differ from the others?"  I asked Meg.  "He leads," she replied simply.  We thought of the word father... provider, protector, patriarch, Priesthood holder, One who bestows blessings.

I was so impressed by how much Meg had learned without even knowing the learning had taken place.

It wasn't long before we drove into the crystal clear sunshine, but I realized that my conversation with Meg had allowed my thoughts to climb higher long before we got there.

I came home and found three talks that might help us to understand each member of the Godhead a little better.  Tonight, as a family, I want us to write down the characteristics of each member of the Godhead so that the knowledge my girls have gained this month will continue to be a strong help and sturdy influence.

In case the world around them ever gets mucky.  Soupy.

In case they feel socked in.

Then, on those days, they will know where to turn for direction, for strength, for blessings.

They can reach higher...

Deliberate Discipleship:

In case you are wondering, here are the General Conference Talks we are going to study tonight.  Clicking on the title will direct you to the talk.

The Grandeur of God, Jeffrey R. Holland

Beauty for Ashes, Bruce C. Hafen

An Unspeakable Gift from God, Craig C. Christensen