Emily Belle Freeman



His Burden Shall Be Taken Away

2 Nephi 20:11 - 2 Nephi 25:10

Sometimes sad things happen.

I don't like to know about sad things, because it makes my heart hurt.

But today a small miracle came out of a sad story.

There is a boy I know who lost his dog.  His heart has ached after that dog every day for many days in a row.  Last week he decided to sell his cell phone to earn enough money to buy a new dog.  A little brown puppy.  He named her Pumpkin.

Yesterday Pumpkin accidentally got ran over by the neighbor next door, and she died.

I found out about it around four o'clock yesterday afternoon.

This poor boy whose heart was already aching, sold something important hoping that what he purchased would heal the hole in his heart.

But now the hole was big enough for two dogs.

I almost couldn't stand it.

"Don't tell me things like that," I said to the friend who called to tell me the sad story, "unless you are going to do something about it."

"What would we do?"

"We have to do something."

So the afternoon agenda got put on hold.  Phone numbers were dialed.  The story told, and retold, and told again.

...because finding the right kind of puppy was going to be hard.

But an ad on the internet led to a phone number which led to a kind man who said, "I remember that boy.  I sold him the puppy.  I sold that puppy's sister the next day.  But the home for the sister didn't work out, and the puppy was returned an hour ago, and I am willing to hold onto the puppy for two hours if you think you can raise enough money to purchase her."

And because sometimes puppies are expensive we started dialing numbers again.  We told the story, and retold it, and told it again.

Within two hours of many phone calls to many friends who knew the boy, purchasing the puppy became a reality.  People who love this boy wanted to help.  A dollar here, five dollars there, I'll give you whatever you need.

Whatever you need to heal the heart, to make things right, to take away the burden.

People uniting their hearts together, willing to sacrifice, hoping to lift a heavy heart...anonymously.

And I realized in those two hours how good people are.  How kind.  How generous.

Last night that boy went to bed with a heavy heart, but this afternoon holds the promise of a small bundle of joy.

And perhaps that bundle of joy will bring a healing that will take away the burden from off his shoulders.

Sometimes in the midst of an ordinary afternoon we are given the opportunity to be moved with compassion.  To gather our hearts together and to serve.

In those moments we have the opportunity to live as The Master did, ministering as He went.

We practice charity and we become a little more like Him.

"And it shall come to pass in that day that his burden shall be taken away..." (2 Nephi 20:27)

Today I am so grateful that a sad story can have a happy ending because of people who choose to walk after the way of the Lord.



Emily Freeman