Emily Belle Freeman



If Your Heart is Unsettled

Some days aren't the best days. You know the days when you feel unsettled?


And you try to breathe deep because people say that is what will help.  And it does...when you remember to do it...but if you let your mind wander too much the unrest settles right back in?

That's what kind of day today was.

It's because sometimes you have to shoulder heavy burdens.  You just don't have a choice.  And that is what I was doing when I walked into Relief Society today in a Young Single Adult ward.

The Relief Society president spoke to us at the beginning of the meeting...reminders, and activities, and details.  Her smile lit up the whole room.  And just before she finished she said, "Don't forget to post your reminders of the moments when you saw the hand of the Lord in your life this week.  Over there on the bulletin board.  You can do it before you leave."

Immediately she had peaked my interest.  Because I am doing that...trying to remember to write down the times when I see the hand of the Lord.

So when Relief Society was over I walked over to the board to see what others had written.

(I don't know who Melissa Smith is...but I really want to meet her...)



It was as I read that the peace settled back in.  I didn't even have to remember to breathe.  I remembered how good God is.  How kind.  How tender.

And how sometimes the reason why we carry heavy burdens is so that we will be able to stand as a witness of Him.

Of His kindness.

Of His goodness.

Of His tender mercy.

If you shoulder a heavy burden right now, if your heart is unsettled, if you are filled with unrest maybe you could try posting some of these happy papers around your house.

Reminders of His love.

And there you will find peace.