Emily Belle Freeman



Immediate Goodness

Summer of Many MerciesMosiah 24:14 - Mosiah 27:11

I sat still in my chair and listened as he spoke of a decision that had made a huge impact on his life.

He talked of a 25 minute drive to work every day...and then a 25 minute drive home.

Almost an hour, wasted.

He didn't want to let it waste, so he made a decision.

He turned off his radio.  He cleared his thoughts.

And then, he prayed gratitude.

For 25 minutes he gave thanks to God.

When he got out of the car after that first time his heart was full.


So when he climbed back into his car after work he did the same thing again...without repeating anything.

A prayer of gratitude.

He thought of his family, friends, and loved ones.  The mountains, his home, his car.  His job, the beauty of the world, his favorite food...

the list went on forever.

And he continues doing it today.

His story left an impression on my heart.  I am pretty certain it left an impression on the heart of everyone there.  My neighbor down the street was talking to me last night.  She said her son had given one of the sweetest prayers ever that night...a prayer full of gratitude.

I smiled.

Her son had been one row over when the man shared the decision that changed his life.

The story must have left an impression on his heart too.

Perhaps it was the memory of that story that made this line jump out at me today "...when they thought of the immediate goodness of God...they did raise their voices and give thanks to God." (Mosiah 25:10)

The immediate goodness of God.

Did you experience it today?

I did.

And tonight I plan to raise my voice and give thanks to God for His immediate goodness in my life.