Emily Belle Freeman



In The Kitchen

If you want to know what is happening you just need to stand in the kitchen. That's what I have learned.

If I stand there, from first light of dawn until last light of day, I learn all there is to know about those who live under my roof.

They grab food on the way out the door, stand at the counter and eat apples and sunflower butter, request turkey-swiss-avocado at lunch ––some hot, some cold––, chips and salsa in the afternoon, begin wondering what's for dinner around four, keep me company while I cook, gather round the table for homework while I clean up.

I wipe counters, wash dishes in soapy suds, unload the dishwasher and then load it again and again and again.  I slice turkey and cheese, make sure avocados will be soft for the next day, make shopping lists, and clean up behind whatever meal has just taken place.

But mostly I listen.
  AND sometimes I share.

We talk about all sorts of things in the kitchen.  Yes, you might be surprised by the subjects that take place at the kitchen counter.

It's because most of the people who gather there are from the High School.

And when you are in High School there are a lot of things that need to be figured out.

So I am trying to fill up my kitchen with good things.  So that the heart of every person who stops in there might be lifted.

But more importantly, I am trying to fill myself up with the Spirit…every last bit of myself.

So that I can hear what needs to be said in the very moment that I need to say it.

So that when I have a moment to receive the gift, the prompting, the insight, the inspiration, I can give it up.

There are a lot of things that take place at that counter, but by far the most important moments are when we experience the gift.

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Emily Freeman