Emily Belle Freeman



In Times of Need

D&C Intro - D&C 2:1 We are in the final moments of this journey.

Until now each day has been filled with the stories of ancient scripture.

We have read about the life of Moses, Noah, Solomon, Joseph, Nephi, Ammon, Helaman, and Moroni.  Their stories are familiar to us, but their time is far distant.  Sometimes to understand their lessons we have had to study their culture, their traditions, their lineage.

We have read experiences that testify of the hand of the Lord in the life of His people ––His deliverance, His guidance, His blessings.

To people who lived thousands of years ago.

Today we begin a study of a book which also contains divine revelations and inspired declarations.

Within the pages of this book we will discover an invitation to hear the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ as He speaks to us concerning not only our temporal well-being but also our everlasting salvation.

However, this book is unique to the others we have read because it is not a translation of an ancient document, rather it was written in our dispensation through God's chosen prophets today.

"These sacred revelations were received in answer to prayer, in times of need, and came out of real-life situations involving real people."  (D&C Introduction)

I find great comfort in this knowledge.

I know what it is to seek answers through prayer. I have experienced times of great need. The situations of my life are real to me.

Hope fills my heart when I realize the words of this book were written for someone like me.

It doesn't take long before the realization sinks in far enough for me to comprehend that the words were actually written for me.

In my time.

A time of great need.

The Lord sent words given by inspiration for me.

"Hearken, O ye people...listen together. There is no eye that shall not see, neither ear that shall not hear, neither heart that shall not be penetrated." (D&C 1:1)

 I want these words to penetrate my heart.


In my time of need.

So I will pray.  And I will open my heart wide. And I will look for the answers in these pages that will help me with the real situations I am facing today.

That I may be profited thereby.

Emily Freeman