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Lesson One: Make Yourself Uncomfortable

Since yesterday was the introduction to the experience for 2014 today will be the lesson. (Click here for more information on the experience for 2014: Embrace the Gift...) Last week I was driving in the car with Megan, Grace, and Steven.

My thoughts were full to the brim with the focus for 2014, and I asked them, "How often do you feel like you have an experience with the Spirit?"

They thought for a moment.  Finally Grace answered once a week.  Meg said two to three times a month.  It was Steven who replied, "Every day."

"Really?"  I said.  "Every single day?  How long has that been happening?"

"A couple months."  He replied.

"What have you been doing differently?" I wondered out loud.

He talked about the changes he had been making that had enabled him to feel the Spirit more often.  It wasn't long before Meg cut in, "I didn't realize the Spirit could influence in small ways every single day...I've only ever noticed the big experiences."

The next morning I received an email from our missionary, Josh, who is currently serving in Atlanta, Georgia...

"God blesses us with his spirit that he gives to those who do his work.  The best tool is the Holy Ghost. I know that God knows as us and that through the Holy Ghost he can comfort us. We had a district leader share that if we were never uncomfortable there would be no need for a comforter. So my challenge for you this week is to take a step into the dark make yourself uncomfortable and I promise you will feel the spirit and the Holy Ghost will support you. God will send you the best support you need, the Comforter."

I loved his challenge...make yourself uncomfortable.  It seemed like a perfect way to begin this experience...the challenge for 2014 to Embrace the Gift.

Sometimes responding to the Spirit requires us to step out of our comfort zone...

to follow a prompting to change a behavior to respond to the whisper

...it requires us to make ourselves uncomfortable.

These are the moments when the learning comes.  Learning that can happen every single day.

Make Yourself Uncomfortable.

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