Emily Belle Freeman



Let Down Your Bucket

General Conference

Hugh B. Brown tells the story of the captain of a ship sailing in the Atlantic.

The ship had run out of water and the sailors were in desperate need of drinking water.  Finally another ship sailed into view.  The captain signaled the other ship for help, "We are in need of water."  The captain of the other ship replied, "Let down your buckets.  You are in the flow of the Amazon.  There is fresh water all around you."

There was an abundance of just what they needed exactly where they were.  Enough, and some to spare.

Do you ever have those moments when you are in desperate need to fill your own bucket?

This weekend offers just the opportunity you need.

Let down your bucket.

It doesn't matter what you are seeking...

If you are in the middle moments of a long or difficult journey,

if you are tired and in need of a rest,

if you just want to laugh a little or cry a little,

if you are yearning for something more,

if you are in deep trouble and you are looking for courage,

or if your heart is weary or despairing and you are looking for strength to go on...

let down your bucket.

You will be filled.

Deliberate Discipleship:

Be willing to let down your bucket this weekend and allow the blessings of Conference to fill you until you are overflowing.