Emily Belle Freeman



Let Your Brave Shine Through

It was just two and a half months ago when we started walking this journey.

DSCN7471IMG_1729I've become fond of this path.



It's given me an opportunity for growth.

I hadn't realized how much I took heaven's promptings for granted.

Because lately I have heard the whispering daily.  Perhaps it has always been there…I think it must have been.  But I was too busy.  The world was too loud.  How many times did the whispers go unnoticed?

I am trying to become better at this…and that willingness to try is redefining my life.

Is it redefining yours?

I feel God leading me…that gentle pulling we spoke about…gentle encouragement to do things I would never have dreamed of on my own.

Venturing into paths never before crossed.  Reaching out in ways I might not have before.

On Thursday I had an unexpected conversation.  I don't think I would have  answered that phone call if I hadn't been on this journey.  I prepared myself all morning for the experience.  My heart quiet. My soul readying a landing place.  Before the conversation began I prayed for an increase of the Spirit.

And…the Spirit did not fail me.

The experience was full of miracles.

At one point the new friend I was speaking to said one sentence I will never forget, "I like you.  You are brave."

No one has ever told me that before.

Maybe I have never been brave before.

I have been thinking.  Reflecting on stories of scriptural heroes that I admire.  The ones who really are brave.  I have been pondering their experiences and I realize that perhaps the Spirit within gave them the courage to perform that which the Lord needed them to do.

Can an increase of the Spirit make us brave?

I think so.

So, I invite you to be brave this week.  Act on the promptings you are receiving.  The stirring within your soul.  The promptings from heaven.  The whisperings.

What is God calling you to do?

This week let your brave shine through.

Let it define you.

Emily Freeman